Claim a Listing Instructions

Search for your agency/product/service name on the home page.   Once you find it,  click “CLAIM THIS LISTING”  and you will be taken to checkout to purchase the listing with PayPal or a credit card.   Once you’ve purchased,  our team will manually review your purchase and set your status to confirmed.  Your listing will receive a red VERIFIED checkmark and you will have control over the information (description, tags, categories, contact information, etc) that’s published.

Sample Claimed Agency screenshots

(PDF for download)

Your Account instructions

If you are logged in as an agent, you will be able to access MY DASHBOARD from the Agent menu.   Your account will give you a snapshot of any purchases you have made as well as the opportunity to change your contact information.   You can edit listings from your account as well.

How to edit your listing after you claim it

After you purchase a claimed listing,  it is set to pending for review by   We will send you an email within 24 hours confirming the purchase and updating your account.   Navigate to Your Agent Dashboard and click on “My lists”.  You can then select your listing and select EDIT.   Fill in any of the fields that you wish to update.

If you wish to add something (video, extra text, etc) and the form does not meet your needs,  just email us at and we can either change the form or we will manually add it for you.

How to request a new listing

If you’d like to add your agency and can’t find it to CLAIM,  email us at or use this form to submit it;  we will email you as soon as it is published and you can then go ahead and CLAIM it.

How to request a featured listing

Featured listings appear on our home page and at the top of all search results.   You can manually add a feature listing request to your shopping cart by going to Enhance Your Benefits.   You must be signed in as an agent.   The number of months you add to the cart is the number of months we will keep your product as featured.

How to suggest changes, updates, report a bug, or inquire about further collaboration opportunities

Contact us on this page.