Did you know 92% of people say that they rely on recommendations from people they know when choosing products or services? 

EducationAgentReviews.com allows universities to search for agents they’ve used in the past and leave reviews & star ratings.  It also allows  them to search for new, potential partners and to research fairs, advertising products, and other services.

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Universities can leave ratings and reviews of agencies to help their peers in choosing new partners.

Collaboration opportunities

  • Claim your business listing and update it with information to truly reflect your business – by claiming your listing,  you gain complete control over your product description, contact information, etc.  (Reviews are not edible and are moderated by the EducationAgentReview.com staff.)
  • Activate the “Contact this agency” form on your agency page in order to have potential clients contact you directly.
  • Request to be a featured listing to appear at the top of searches.
  • Notify your current satisfied clients of the opportunity to submit a review and give you a star rating to boost your profile.   (Clients can leave star ratings on unclaimed listings.   If you claim your listing,  the staff at EducationAgentReviews.com can contact your clients on your behalf and give them a direct submission link.)
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Agencies can claim their listings and update them with detailed descriptions.

To claim your listing today,  search for your agency in the toolbox on the home page, then click “Claim it now.”  If your agency is not yet in the search directory,  email us and we will add it at no additional cost.

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Claimed listings can have the “Contact this agency” form embedded in their listing.
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All listings have maps integrated based on their general city (head office); claimed listings can submit exact street addresses for superior accuracy.

Collaborate in other ways:

  • Write a blog post or share a link sharing information that you feel would be useful for American universities.  For instance,  communication problems from the agent’s view or the agent’s perspective on commission payments.
  • Be interviewed as part of a blog post “Meet The Agency”
  •  Request a submission link to send to their university partners to encourage them to submit reviews (claimed listings)

Contact us with any questions or new suggestions for collaboration opportunities!


Why Collaborate?

  • Increased visibility to potential partners
  • Easy way to share your references and successes with potential partners
  • A method to let your current partners submit good reviews once and not have to continually ask them to serve as references
  • Control your marketing – claim a listing in order to use the exact marketing language you wish and to attract the right type of client
  • Cut down on travel costs or tedious cold-calls or emails to potential clients who may feel uncomfortable being contacted without an introduction