Are you working in international admissions, enrollment management, recruitment, or university administration?   Has your university tasked you with managing international recruitment agents?  I was in this same boat,  and was struck by comments by my international admissions colleagues at conferences that “it’s very hard to sift through all the options available.” 

In 2016, I wondered, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a TripAdvisor type website for international admissions services?”… and after a lot of trail and error,  that’s when I created   It’s a user-generated directory which allows you to search by location or name for new international partners.    (It’s a bit of a misnomer now,  as many services have reached out to us to add them to the directory – not just agents!)


I’m passionate about agent management and about transparent processes on both sides of the business relationship.   I maintain the information on this website for free as there are no fees offered to members, simply because I truly believe there should be more collaboration in the international enrollment community.    Members’ information is not shared with anyone or used for outside solicitation.

  How can you help?

  • Register for a user account and contribute to the directory
  • Share this site with your colleagues
  • Pay it forward – recommend outstanding products to your colleagues
  • No need to post multiple requests for information on message boards or professional networking sites – make your first stop for information.

Let’s get started!


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