The good news is we’ve learned how to create “events” on specific pages,  so you can go to ONE main page about the organization (CIS example is below) and see a list of related events and leave reviews on the main page,  rather than question whether you should leave a review on the “Asia tour” or the “Africa tour” page.

The bad news is that it’s very time consuming and requires manually updating,  so this may be limited to partners who claim their listing and submit the information to us as a CVS file,  or it may be merely updated slowly.

For now,  we are keeping the individual tours/fair events as we like having them come up on the map in the search function to help partners plan events.   We will continue to beta test whether a listing of events on each organization/partner/agency page is a less complicated way of displaying this information.

Screenshot:Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 7.14.58 PM


As it appears on the sample page:Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 6.48.39 PM


We are excited by the capability to display individual events on each partner’s page,  but are still trying to figure out the best way of using this information (since it’s easily found by visiting the partner’s website as well).


  1. Perhaps there’s a way to integrate the events listed at with your resource.

    1. AdminAH1

      Absolutely, Cheryl. USJournal has always had an extensive (free!) list of events that more universities should use to plan their travel with. The challenge is how to integrate without just recreating the wheel or without taking away from the helpfulness of the USJournal website. We will continue to mull it over and brainstorm. Let us know if you have any more suggestions!

      1. There was a site, years ago, that figured out how to embed our list into their own domain; it was dynamic, thus required no maintenance on their part. We didn’t have to do anything, so I’m not sure how it was done. But if your team can figure it out, you’re welcome to source our list, so long as you cite the source as

        I’m open to other ideas as well, so let’s keep thinking.

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